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It pays to recognise the importance of recommendation and referral in business growth

Creating more loyal customers who recommend your company and your products is the number one goal of all successful business. Loyal customers decrease acquisition costs and increase profitability.

The problem with traditional customer satisfaction surveys is that response can be low and unreliable. That's because such surveys are mostly long and demand a lot of time and attention. What's more, dissatisfied customers are also unlikely to respond, leading to sample bias with results which are unreliable and often not actionable.

The solution

Frame the research by asking just one question; one question which can easily and continuously measure customer loyalty:

"How likely is it that you will recommend (Company or product X) to a colleague or friend?"

The response is on a scale of 0 to 10 (where 1 is - Not at all likely and 10 is extremely likely).

Interpreting responses

9-10 These are your "Promoters" and will promote you every chance they get.

7-8 They are your "Passively Satisfied" customers, but need to become 9s or 10s!

0-6 They are the "Detractors". Pretty unsatisfied with you and most likely to leave you for a competing product or service while often and actively saying negative things!

To get your NetLoyalty Number you take the percentage of 9s and 10s and subtract the 0-6s.

With our loyalty module in eNgageSpace you can do all this easily and automatically:


    1. Creates that core and brilliant question in an attractive layout - personalised and branded. As often as you require.

    2. Manages the E-mailing of survey urls, each unique to targeted individuals!

    3. Allows participants to complete the question - tick the box!

    4. Allows you to track responses and re-mail non- respondees

    5. Does the response analysis and categorisation to 3 key groups

    6. Calculates your NetLoyalty Number. The ONE number you need to grow

    7. Exports individuals' details to groups within the eNgageSpace Consultation Management System, enabling further Consultations, surveys and dialogues to be used to understand and fulfil customer needs

    8. Records the details of the whole process so you can report and manage

Measure, manage
Once you've got the measure of recommendation use eNgageSpace to find out what needs to change.
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Your NetLoyalty number
Talk Talk
To your customers and stakeholders
Find out Find out
what you're doing right ... and wrong
Consult Consult
On ways to improve and then implement
Re-Calculate Re- calculate
It's easy to continuously measure improvement

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