Top Reasons

1. Easy. Powerful. Flexible.


All the the tools you need to create effective engagement with your stakeholders. They appreciate being Consulted, not just surveyed!


2. No software to install.


There are no long-term commitments or hidden charges when you use eNgageSpace. You can sign up as a monthly customer and use our services for as long as you need.


3. Security.


Independently audited by security specialists to make sure that your account and your data are safe and backed up daily.


4. Proven.


Large and small companies and organisations use eNgageSpace to engage with their stakeholders all year round.
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eNgageSpace is the ultimate "Do It Yourself" success platform for all your stakeholder consultation needs. It's powerful, intuitive and easy to use!

Sometimes, though, you may need a little help, either One-on-one (Show Me) or "Do It For Me" ("DIFM") coaching. In today's world, time is short ... and being short on time causes stress, something we can all do without!

So, save time, reduce stress and let eNgageSpace Coaching help you be more productive. Whether you choose "Show Me" or "DIFM" Coaching, we can help you save time ... and be much more productive.

Do What You Do Best. We'll Help With the Rest.

Just need a little help or advice or consulting? You need "Show Me" Coaching.
Or maybe there's something that you don't want to "DIY." You need "DIFM" Coaching.

"Show Me" Coaching

Some people prefer to be shown. If that's you, once you get some hands-on talk-through and training, you'll be off and running.

This is where you get personalized one-on-one help in using eNgageSpace to its fullest potential ... it's all about Do-It-Yourself but not "do it alone".

We provide the guidance and instruction you need to get up and running as quickly as possible. We can cut your learning time dramatically.

Coaching Sessions are done via e-mail, telephone and webinar technology. You and your coach interact in real time during your coaching sessions as you go through the process together.

"DIFM" Coaching

"DIFM" Coaching does whatever services you need so you don't have to. It frees you up to do what you do best.

As part of our service we offer:

1.Creation of consultation detail, uploading of background documents. Breaking up knowledge bank and linking to specific questions.

2.Creation of survey and content pages.

3.Sending out email prompts and reminders building target groups.

Putting It All Together

Purchase 1 or more hours of coaching. Use "Show Me" Coaching in small increments, as needed. You can get 15 minutes of coaching one time, 30 minutes the next, etc., until your purchased time is used.

With "DIFM" we will advise you of the likely time and resources for a project and will work on your project until completed.

ORDER TIME (and success!)

To order, simply decide the number of hours that you want to purchase.

We charge 75 per hour. (You can have 4 x 15 min sessions)