Street Lighting
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Start: May 24, 2012 End: Oct 12, 2012 Results Published: Dec 1, 2012 
Subject: Environment, Street Scene, Consultation Reference Number: 732

Consultation Summary

The consultation questionnaire asks for peoples views on the proposals. We have also taken the opportunity to ask some questions to find peoples views on the condition of the current street lighting stock, whether we should put more resources into maintaining and replacing columns, even if this means taking money from other projects such as road safety and what are peoples views of the current service provided with regard to maintenance and repair of street lights.


Sefton currently has 31,500 street lights, 1,100 illuminated bollards and 1,963 illuminated traffic signs. These account for 30% of the Councils electricity bill and 23% of baseline carbon emissions.

In terms of saving costs and reducing carbon emissions taking action on street lighting is a priority.

Consultation Purpose

To obtain the views of residents, businesses and visitors on the possible changes to street lighting in Sefton

All Residents

Further Details:

Consultation Method: Consultation Document, Online Survey
Department: Street Scene

Contact Information:

Paul Scott
Senior Project Manager
Phone: 0151 934 4238